Cyclos carrying artisans move along the procession on the street.

The ceremony began at 5 p.m. in the inner courtyard of Tu Tuong Park with a solemn and respectful atmosphere, conducted by artisans renowned for their crafts, including Tran Duy Mong (goldsmithing), Nguyen Van Sinh (bronze casting), and Hoang Ngoc Tuyen (traditional parasol making).

Surrounding them were other artisans in traditional áo dài, watching attentively and waiting to offer incense.

When the ceremony ended, hundreds of artisans joined the procession with the ceremonial team and the grand orchestra, carrying with them tán, lọng (traditional parasols), and bài vị (ancestral tablets).

From Tu Tuong Park, the vibrant and colorful procession moved along Le Loi Street, across Truong Tien Bridge, onto Tran Hung Dao Street, over Phu Xuan Bridge, back to Le Loi Street, and stopped at the area in front of Quoc Hoc High School.

In addition to walking, there were also cyclos decorated with lotus flowers to transport elderly artisans and representatives of traditional craft villages. The procession also included dozens of women in traditional áo dài carrying kites, creating beautiful and friendly images on the streets.

Locals came out on both sides of the streets to welcome the procession wherever they passed, creating an impressive festive atmosphere in the heart of Hue city.

The Worship Ceremony of the Ancestor of Crafts and Procession to honour traditional artisans and craftsmen are among the activities that has taken place in many previous Hue Traditional Craft Festivals and has been maintained to this day.

Images from the ceremony and procession on the streets of Hue:

Three artisans, Tran Duy Mong (goldsmithing), Nguyen Van Sinh (bronze casting), and Hoang Ngoc Tuyen (traditional parasol making) performing rituals at the ceremony.
 The altar is set up in the middle of Tu Tuong Park.
 The Worship Ceremony of the Ancestor of Crafts is one of the activities held in many previous Traditional Craft Festivals in Hue, and is still continued to this day.
Artisans in ao dai attentively observing the ceremony.
A foreign tourist taking a photo of the procession on Le Loi street.

 The procession crossing Truong Tien Bridge.
 The procession creating a solemn atmosphere and attracting a large crowd of locals and tourists.
 A group of women in ao dai holding kites in the procession.
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